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Welcome to Varipac Thermoforming machinery suppliers
Varipac UK, have been successfully supplying specialised, bespoke, high quality horizontal thermoforming packaging equipment to the UK market for more than 12 years. With our expertise in this field of business, we have a wealth of product and technical knowledge, which we use to produce and supply high value, reliable, adaptable vacuum packaging and gas flushing equipment to the retail, industrial, medical and food service sectors.

Varipac machines are primarily fully automatic in-line thermoformers and blister forming packing machines, controlled by the latest Siemens technology, which includes a colour touch screen diagnostic display. The machines are capable of storing multiple programmes to produce retail and bulk packs in vacuum, gas flushed, flexible and semi-rigid tray formats, that contains all the required operational parameters for quick, simple change-over.

Varipac machines are of stainless steel construction and are assembled using the latest technology and highest quality component parts to guarantee longevity and reliability. The machines are designed to combine ease of use with ease of maintenance. Removable side panels, corrosion resistant film advance chains and grippers, IP65 internal components and a clean-in-place programme, combine to make these machines simple to operate and clean, enabling both high production volumes and hygiene standards to be maintained.

We are fully aware that reliability is paramount; we have supplied over 85 machines into the UK market, packing products as diverse as fresh foods e.g. cooked meats, poultry, fruit and vegetables, bacon, cheese: household equipment e.g. light bulbs, plugs/sockets, printer cartridges, even Scotch whisky as well as medical, surgical and hygiene such as toothbrushes, razors, baby bottles and teats. Our range of thermoforming equipment is augmented by our range of ancillary equipment such as labellers, fillers/depositors, gas mixers, tray lidding machines and end of line converger systems and conveyors.

Our business is built on the supply of bespoke designed, high quality machines supported by our service and spares department. Our second-to-none service and support back-up has allowed our company to grow to be a major player in the packaging industry in the face of stiff competition.

All machines built and supplied by Varipac are truly bespoke and manufactured to meet your exact requirements.

For further information on any of our machines please contact our sales team and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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